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Why are you called R3sidence London?

The R3 in our name reflects our three core values. They are independant, bespoke and exclusive.

Which countries do you deal with?

R3sidence London helps clients from all over the world. However, we specialise in assisting those from the Middle East and Asia. This is because an increasing number of clients from these countries either want to buy property in the UK to diversify their wealth or have their children educated here. We focus on London as that seems to be the most popular city for property and education.


How do you differ from other education specialists?

One way that we differ is that we are independent. Many agents receive commission from universities for referring students to them. Some universities pay more than others and some universities do not deal with agents at all. Therefore what happens prospective students are presented with a list of universities which are not representative of the whole market. As we are not renumerated by universities, the student can ensure our discussions will not be limited to a few institutions.

Why do you deal with property & education?

Primarily because these are the main two areas international clients need assistance with in the UK. Many parents would prefer to buy a property for their child to live in while they are studying in the UK . They view this as an investment rather than paying rent to another landlord. You only need to look at the rise in London property prices in the last decade to see that this can be a wise move compared to other asset classes.


Why should I not simply find a property through an estate agent?

An estate agent is an agent of the seller and not the buyer. They are only renumerated when the property sells therefore it is in their interest to sell the properties on their books. In addition, an estate agent will only show you the properties that their company has been instructed to sell. We differ because we act for you the buyer. This means we can shortlist a number of properties for you from a number of different sources and deal with the estate agents on your behalf.

Is it possible to arrange finance to purchase a property?

In many cases it is possible to arrange finance but you will be restricted on the loan to value. Although R3sidence London does not arrange finance, we can put you in contact with specialists in this area.

I have already have a property in the UK which my family uses during the summer. How can your Property department help?

We can manage the property in your absence and be emergency keyholders should there be any issues. Before you fly into the UK, we can have it prepared in accordance to your specifications.

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